Fight for your best life

The Step-By-Step Self-Defense Guide To Personal Empowerment, Protecting Your Loved Ones, And Living Fearless

a book by john timothy brewer, Jr. 

Former Green Beret, Veteran

Fight for your Best Life

Find your purpose

Cultivate self-Confidence

develop and master skills 


realize your full Potential

Ask Yourself:

Are you able to effectively protect yourself and your loved ones? 

+ Personal Safety
+ Physical Security
+ Accidents
+ Random Violence
+ Natural Disasters

Get Empowered:

Empower yourself and your loved ones with our three-level methodology


Understand dynamic problem sets, identify and analyze threats, and build confidence and self-esteem.


Develop tailored safety plans, avoid and prevent dangerous encounters, and utilize resources to provide layered security.


Living a fulfilling, purposeful life and tackling any obstacles that come your way.

Fight for your best life: 

A Proven Way to help you achieve a well-rounded strategy to boost confidence and performance while supporting your safety and life goals.

Assess Your Self-Defense Needs and Capabilities

Set SMART goals for personal development, security, and a more independent lifestyle.

Formulate Prevention and Preparedness Strategies.

Develop and refine self-defense skills through tailored programiming.

Learn strategies that increase youR survivalability during Violent Encounters

Master the 6 Key Steps to the Problem Solving Cycle

The Problem Solving Cycle by Mind, Shield, and Spear

Problem solving is a mental process that involves:

+ Discovering and Analyzing a Particular Issue
+ Developing Strategies
+ Organizing Skills & Knowledge in Order to Overcome Obstacles
+ Find Viable Solutions That Best Resolve The Problem

Learn the 4 Category traits to Identify Your Loved One’s Roles During a Safety Event

Learn how to adapt your safety plan to the specific needs and capabilities of your loved ones, taking into account any physical, cognitive, or emotional factors that may impact their ability to respond in an emergency situation.

How to best leverage your emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental strengths optimally.

Deepen Your Knowledge of How to Gain a Tactical Advantage

How to Gain Tactical Advantage by Mind, Shield, and Spear

Tactical advantage is the state of having greater ability to affect an opponent in relation to the effect they have on you through means of positioning, available resources, or reinforcement.

Let’s create a clear path to win the fight for your best life. 


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A personal letter… 

Hi, I’m John. And I believe that you have the right to live your life safe, protected, and free from fear that you or your loved ones are at risk from harm.

I spent 10+ years in Army Special Forces defending life, family, and country while enabling others to do the same. I know firsthand the importance of self-reliance and have made it my life’s mission to enable and empower others so they may live healthy, thriving lives.

This is why I decided to establish Mind, Shield, and Spear Consulting Group. We are not just another run-of-the-mill self-defense company. We are your partners in building a stronger, more secure future. Our dedicated team of experts has unrivaled experience and expertise. Our experts consist of handpicked professionals – martial arts masters, law enforcement officers, and military veterans who have honed their skills through real-life encounters. With our guidance and mentorship, you will learn not just the physical techniques, but also the mental strategies to navigate challenging situations with confidence.

I want to tell you that your peace of mind comes from being prepared, proactive, and confident in your abilities to navigate potential dangers. With the right mindset and a willingness to learn and grow, you can build a fulfilling and secure life for yourself and loved ones.

The goal is to foster independence, confidence, and self-defense skills needed to handle any problem that comes your way.

Start taking charge of your life today with my new book as it is designed to be a stand-alone product that will give you the foundation needed to pursue a safe and rewarding life. However, extra knowledge and training never hurts. So, if and when you do decide you want to make safety and security a cornerstone for your life and your family, please reach out to us and we will be happy to accommodate.